Friday, April 23, 2010

Women vs. Men--100 Words

A woman’s world.

I have the misfortune or honor of being a man in a woman’s world.

I work for a publishing company for women.

I’ve heard all the jokes. Trust me. I have.

Working with women is quite interesting.

Every day.

There are down sides.

Mood swings come to mind.

Debating issues men normally wouldn’t debate.

More leave taken for children.

More doctor visits.

There are good sides.

There’s always a softer touch to things. Normally more sweetness in disagreement. Those are good.

Also, no one makes fun of the lavender shirt my wife loves for me to wear!


  1. Chuckled with your last line. :) I thought it was rough living with 3 women when my girls were growing up. I threatened to lock them all in one room when "that time" rolled around but fortunately/unfortunately they were never the same time. I can't imagine working for a batch of them. My highest praise to you Steve. LOL

  2. Bill...I feel your pain brother and friend! Not only do I work with 80 women Monday - Thursday, I also work on Fridays at the hospital with probably 85% of the staff being women! I can't catch a break!

  3. I love that lavender shirt, Steve. What is it at work 80 women 15 men? You guys do have it tough.


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