Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vs.--100 Words


Just two letters and a period. Yet, so much is said in that word.

My team vs. your team.

My money vs. your money.

My child vs. your child.

Why do we use that word?

Better yet, why do we see a need to compete?

I get the sports thing. And, I love competing in sports.

But, it is really necessary to compete in everything?

I often hear people say, “It’s my way or the highway.”

As if they not only have to compete, but they always have to win.

I like winning, just not at everyone else’s expense.


  1. I used to be super competitive. Call that uber competitive. But I noticed one day that the fire for competition was going out. It was then that I also noticed that my desire to play or watch was also diminishing. As you know Steve I participate in a sport (cycling) that can be competitive but I do so much solo stuff that the edge is gone. Sadder still is when pastors and churches get into the competition mode.

  2. Bill, I knew that you were competitive...but, I also knew that you had learned how to put it into proper perspective. I think it comes with maturity and experience...after a while, we realize there is more to life than winning...

  3. As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting...

    Blog readers, I don't often do this, but if you are interested in some really good insights into the Christian walk, why not check out Bill's blog. He approaches his life with honesty and an openness that is extremely refreshing these days!

  4. Someone once said, "If you win, someone else has to lose." The context was arguments in marriage, but I think it is a perfect application for our life as Christians.

    And I echo your commendation of Bill Grandi and Cycleguy's Spin.

  5. Dusty...I wanted to wait until you had posted a comment (Hoped you would). Readers, if you want another good blog to read, try Dusty's! Dusty and I used to work together, and to be honest with you, I didn't know he could write like he does! He has excellent writing skills and excellent thoughts! Check out his blog today.

  6. Whoa! No pressure there! Thank you for the rave! It's a lot of God, and hopefully just a little bit of me.

    I think because of my job, the only thing I was known for at WMU were the numbers I always brought to meetings. That was not a fun.

  7. Thanks Steve for the shout out. I am honored that you would do that. I also will agree with you on Dusty's blog. Good insights and biblical teaching.


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