Thursday, April 8, 2010

Decisions--100 Words


How are you at making decisions?

I’ll admit. Most of the time, making decisions comes easily for me.

I weigh the options. Look at as many sides as possible.

Then, decide.

At that point, there’s no looking back. I did the best I knew to do. So, no second guessing.

But then, there are times that the decisions weigh heavily on my mind, heart, and very soul.

Those are the decisions that seem to have no answers. And, at that point, all I can do is second guess.

I hate times like that.

Right now, I find myself there.


  1. Sometimes I find it easy to make a decision and sometimes I find myself paralyzed, not knowing what to do or which way to go. I find myself thinking, "What's with that?" I am mostly okay with that except when I read or hear some leader say, "Make the decision and run with it." Then I feel intimidated. :) On the other hand, sometimes the toughest decision to make is where to eat out. LOL Prayed for you today my friend.

  2. Bill...why oh why did you have to mention deciding about where to eat out??? Tonya and I struggle with that every time!

  3. It is almost a weekly thing with us Steve. "Where do you want to eat today?" "I don't care." "No, where do you want to eat?" "I don't care." "Ok let's go to Wendy's." "I don't want to go there." "Ok how about Mexican?" "I don't want to go there." "But you said, you said you didn't care!" Every week steve! And you?

  4. is a weekly thing for us...I guess we just never get tired of it...then again, we do...but still can't decide where to eat!


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