Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mayo--100 Words


You know that white stuff you spread on a sandwich.

Yeah. That stuff.

Not Miracle Whip! Read the label. That’s salad dressing! I have to remind my wife and mother-in-law that all the time.

I love mayo! Maybe more than I should.

You see, mayo is the perfect condiment for just about anything. And, when you grow up in the South as I did, you use it on just about anything. Don’t get me started. It’d only gross you out to know all the things I’ve eaten mayo on.

But oh, what I wouldn’t do for some right now!


  1. Sorry Steve. I seldom disagree with you but here I have to say "Nope" "No way" "Nada." Mayo even smells bad so bad I can't even tell you how I feel about its smell. I feel the same about MW-the less the better. I will only use it (MW Light) to hold together my tuna or salmon for a sandwich. You can have my helping of mayo.

  2. Oh Bill...say it ain't so!

    If it were not Holy Week, I might doubt your salvation...

    Well, it proves it...we aren't related!

  3. Hahahaha! I knew you were going to be talking Mayo after talking Mayo yesterday!

    "It’d only gross you out to know all the things I’ve eaten mayo on."

    I'm sure it would. I'm sure it would.

  4. and know, two of my best Internet friends...two people that I know I could share my heart with...

    Now, my heart is a little more than slightly shattered!

  5. Let me shatter it further!

    Mayo = ICK!

    Bill, I use spicy mustard to bind my tuna and salmon in place of mayo.

  6. were an MK...what do you know?

  7. Not too much, but I do know that mayo = ick!


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