Friday, April 30, 2010

Transparency--100 Words


My two-year-old son loves to touch things.

He comes by that honestly. So does his mother!

Evan especially likes to touch the glass doors leading outside.

When the morning sun shines through the doors, fingerprints and nose prints become quite clear.

The prints are clear; however, the door isn’t quite so transparent any longer.

There’s a part of me that wants to get angry when I can no longer see out the door.

But, he’ll only be two once. The Windex® can wait.

I’m thankful God doesn’t get angry with me for putting my fingerprints all over His creation.


  1. Love it! Anna has our house looking like a natural disaster emergency area.

    As quick as we clean up, she replaces the "mess".

  2. This is Libby. I had to post anonmyous. I don't have a link yet. How do I do?

  3. Awesome Steve: It reminds me of all the toys in my car and all of the fingerprints all over my car window. My friends make fun of me because of all the dolls and stuff in my car but you know what? I like it.They grow up fast.I like the cookie crumbs all over the seat and the melted sucker from the bank. They are so precious and a gift from God.


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