Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Authentic--100 Words


Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written on this subject.

I’ve read many of them. Well, at least some of them.

I’ve found that reading about something doesn’t make me an expert on it.

I still struggle with being authentic.

Words used to define authentic include “genuine, real, true, valid.”

Those words don’t make it easier to be authentic.

It’s easier to hide behind a mask. To pretend. To be fake. To hide.

There’s safety there. At least more safety than being authentic.

No neat conclusions today. I’m still working on this one.

I’m trying. I’m praying.


  1. Being authentic is tough no matter the profession, no matter the situation. There is fear in being real. There are certain people I feel comfortable around and being open while others I am guarded.

  2. Bill,

    Do we strike that up to "That's just the way God wired me!" or do we need to claim ownership of this as a weakness?

  3. A lot of our authenticity suffers from the worldly correctness we are bombarded with.


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