Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Argumentative--100 Words


Sure seems some people are more argumentative than agreeable.

Know people like that?

Not that a person always has to be in agreement with me or anyone else, for that matter.

But why is it that some people never seem to understand that there are two sides to an issue?

They’ll argue without knowing the facts or even listening to what is being said.

I guess I’m just getting old. I don’t suffer people like that for very long.

Let them be. Let them believe what they want to believe. Let them be right.

After all, aren’t they always?


  1. I'm with you on this one Steve. i tire of people like this. They wear me out. There is one lady in the church who always thinks people are against her. This past weekend she called me rude (by email not face to face). If she really knew how I/people felt about her... Yep, she wears me out and sometimes I just wish she would go elsewhere but I would miss seeing her husband.

  2. Bill...I hear you brother...oh, I hear you...

  3. I can be that argumentative person some times... I try not to be though because I, like you, have a hard time dealing with people coming to the table with a fight of some kind to pick.

  4. Alan, I think we can all be that person...sad, but true.

    I like how you worded your reply!

  5. There is nothing like a good, irrational argument to send people running for the hills...

    I try hard not to be one of the instigators of such, but must admit to failure (more than I care to admit).

    I do TRY to present a logical/factual argument... But there again my logic and facts may not be the other persons.

  6. Never! Well, okay, sometimes!


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