Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laughing--100 Words


What causes you to laugh?

A TV sitcom? Your spouse? Your pet? Your children? Your job? Comments and posts on Facebook?

I tend to think that there is much to laugh at every day. In big things. In small things.

That includes laughing at myself! Why not?

Everyone else does!

If they can laugh at me, why not laugh at myself?

So, today, what will cause you to laugh? What will cause you to chuckle? Snort? Blow milk through your nose? Laugh so hard that your belly shakes?

I hope something does. Life is too short not to laugh.


  1. i sure agree with you on this one Steve. I love to laugh and I laugh a lot. I know there are times to be serious but I want to go down laughing not griping or complaining or even crying. I truly get a kick sometimes out of the simplest things. Laugh hardy today my friend.

  2. Thank you Steve! I can be way too serious for my own good. I appreciate the reminder to enjoy life. Lord knows I do enough each and every day to keep my loved ones in stitches.


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