Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Debate--100 Words


That word has been tossed around a great deal lately. Not just in Washington, but all across America.

As it has been discussed, I’ve struggled to understand how debate really works, especially in the areas of politics and religion, among other subjects.

I regularly hear people say, “We should have a debate about…”

Sounds good.

Sounds positive.

Yet, what’ve I come to realize is that that statement usually means, “We should have a debate about it as long as you agree with me in the end.”


Is that honest debate?


So, what does debate mean to you?


  1. Debate to me is something on TV that I never watch. :) To me it is a waste of time listening to one candidate after another tell lies. But I do tend to agree with you that "debate" is do you agree with me?

  2. A debate in my mind should be an intelligent discussion from opposing/differing points of view which is based on factual(or at least perceived factual) data. I say perceived because someone may not regard the same information as factual.

    There should be support for each argument. There should not be slander of the differing point of view used as a supportive argument.

    The fallacy of one argument does not necessarily mean the truth of another.


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