Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guarantee--100 Words


I think that word used to mean something.

Two men shook hands. Their word was their bond. No lawyers needs. No paperwork required. Just a handshake.

People used to keep their word. It was a given. To do otherwise was the exception.

Not now.

Lately, as I’ve watched my wife look for employment and as I’ve gone through a few transitions of my own, I’ve watched how few people keep their word. They promise to call. Then don’t. They promise jobs. They promise hope. They offer security. They even offer a hand.

Then, nothing.

Where have the guarantees gone?


  1. 100% agree Steve! What is even more frustrating is the lack of guarantee from churches. Apply for a position and not hear anything back at all. No recognition. I'd rather hear a "we are not interested" or "you are not qualified" or something else than no word at all. Whenever the churches I have pastored looked for a staff person I always insisted on keeping all informed. Good post. Praying daily for you and Tonya.

  2. Bill, there's a church in South Carolina that is still looking for a pastor, after twenty plus years of do I know that? Simple. They promised, once they reached a decision, they would get back with me. Twenty years is a long time to go without a pastor!

  3. Years ago people believed in God and raising one's hand and making an oath. Lies were never white and seldom little. Oaths and words have lost their power today. Sad result of eliminating God from classrooms, courthouses and Christmas symbols. Blessings to you Steve. Been praying for you and your family. selahV

  4. I flew from Virginia to Birmingham to interview for a position at St Vincent's. at that time I had more experience than any other candidate. They were very encouraging and hinted that I probably had the job. I flew back to VA happy. I never heard from them not a word. no phone call no letter nothing.. I flew at MY EXPENSE. I heard they just promoted from within. No matter, I returned to Brookwood after working there when I first graduated and then again a feew years later. It was like coming home. Things worked out for me, but this kind of behavior is just wrong.


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