Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting--100 Words


I hate to wait. If I have any other choice I’ll choose it over waiting.

That holds true at the bank.

In traffic.

Grocery store.

Parking lots.

I’ve been known to move to another lane at the bank, change lanes of traffic repeatedly, move to another checkout lane, and just park the car instead of waiting on a space that “might” come open.

Terrible trait to have. My wife will confirm that. Friends will as well.

What do I do? What do you do about it? I can’t be the only one who struggles with this!

Right? Be honest!


  1. Hospital waiting rooms. The only thing worse is waiting for my wife's sanity to come back this time. I guess you get used to anything eventually. Oh, and no matter how warm it is outside, bring an extra shirt or jacket. Hospitals are kept at an ungodly cold temp!

  2. Jimmy, I agree. It is very difficult sitting and waiting on news, change, improvement. And, yes, hospitals are cold....very cold.

  3. I am sometimes not very patient either. I get frustrated when at Super Wally World and there are lines backed up and only a few registers Christmas time for crying out loud! My lack of patience is often determined by the type of day I am having.


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