Friday, January 16, 2009

Who Didn't Know This?

File this one away in the “Didn’t Everyone Already Know This File.”

Morris and Annelies Sheehan promised North Haven firefighters they wouldn’t use real candles on their Christmas trees anymore.

The Sheehan’s lit the candles for a guest from Germany and the tree went up in flames, along with a couch, bookcase, rug, and drapes. The family was able to keep the flames from spreading to the rest of their home by using buckets of water.

The family says it has been using real candles for 44 years with no previous problem, but normally does not have the tree up this long after Christmas.

The Sheehans say they will use electric candles next Christmas.

Smart. Even after 44 years of no problems, I just assumed everyone knew this! Candles and dead trees. Not a good combination!


  1. How many ways can you spell clueless? I reckon common sense went out the door.

  2. Hey! That wasn't even funny, Michael! Most of us Okies have been using high quality flame retardant FAKE trees for years!!!! For evidence, take a look here: (That is about 1969 or so)

    Anyway, while we, as modern Americans, have mostly all switched to electric lights, you have to remember that candles were in vogue for YEARS. While I don't think it would be prudent to use them in our house, (since we have a cat), if it was safe, I'd LOVE to use real candles, at least one time. I honestly think it would be a hassle to light each of them and them replace them every other day or two.

    I can't see lighting them on a DRIED OUT tree, long after Christmas. That's what modern Epiphany is all about!


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