Saturday, January 3, 2009

Guess Who Is In Charge

A jail in northern Texas has been closed and its nearly 60 inmates transferred as authorities investigate what they call dangerous conditions for jailers and those behind bars—including cells that locked from the inside or contained recliners.

Yes, jail cells that locked from the inside and includes recliners. Now, that may just be the most inhumane punishment you’ll hear about in prison, don’t you think?

The district attorney said some surveillance cameras’ cords had been disconnected; recliners were in cells; some bathrooms and cells could be locked from the inside; and inmates had made partitions out of paper towels to block jailers’ views inside their cells. One alarming discovery was a type of rack made of nails, he said. Some inmates had apparently used extension cords to lock deputies out, and unidentified pills were strewn about other jail cells.

This story seems to give new meaning to the inmates running the asylum!

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  1. Inmates having this much power? this is one scary post! Wonder how long it took them to decide something needed to be done?


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