Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Trumpet of Jesus

There is no doubt that the Imperials are one of my favorite groups of all time. They've had their issues, that's for sure, but their music still resonates with me.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.


  1. Man Steve! Talk about memories! I can remember when Russ Taff sang that song. (Yes, I am that old). Thanks for the memories.

  2. I saw them at Samford. Great stuff.

  3. Much to our surprise (for various reasons) - Russ Taff came to our current church a couple of years back and performed for/with our Christmas Event. Talk about a hugger! ;)

    As he stood in an aisle singing at one point - his voice sounded better than it ever had. Must confess - wasn't a huge fan of the Imperials. But, at least for Russ Taff, them weren't fake tears he had streaming down his face as he talked about God... about Jesus...

  4. I saw the Imperial some 28 years ago at Lee College (now Lee University)....They were great then, and when I saw them a few years ago, they were still great....


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