Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's Up to Her Old Self Again

Oprah is up to her old self.

When I typed that, I really didn't mean it to be a pun, but I quickly realized that it was. I started to delete it, but then I thought, no, I'd leave it. Because the statement is true. Oprah, by her own admission, has gained 50-60 pounds over the last year or so and is now back over 200 pounds.

So, what's the world's richest woman to do about it?

Simple. Cover the entire story in her monthly magazine, dedicate countless shows to the subject, and host a webinar next week to discuss why she and so many others are overweight.

If you love Oprah, then this blog post isn't for you. You might as well close it out now and go read another blog. You see, I'm not a huge Oprah fan. The reason? Oh, far too many to count in the space I will give to this post. Let's just say that I think Oprah is searching in all the wrong places for happiness in her life.

I did catch a couple of minutes of her show when I got home from work on Monday. When her personal trainer asked her why she had gained weight over the last year or so, her answer was simple: she has lost her balance--she has allowed life to get out of control. It seems that she is dedicating too much of herself to everyone else and not to herself. [I almost screamed at the TV--"If this is about balance and not letting other people be in control, then why are you writing about it, doing interviews about it, hosting webinars about it, and talking on and on and on about it?"]

When Oprah was asked why she was being so honest about her life and her weight gain, she said, and this is almost a direct quote, "It's all about me."

Sorry Oprah, but everything isn't about you. It really isn't. Life has more to it than to be limited only to your needs and problems.

Why not dedicate your incredible power and talent [and financial resources] to the real needs in the world? Why not focus on the hunger in Haiti, the people forced into child labor around the world, the children sold into prostitution in Europe, or the United States economy that your man Barak is about to inherit. Wouldn't those issues/concerns/needs be far more important than you?

I guess not. Not to you. And apparently, not to your vast following.

Thankfully, I have more important things to do than to watch Oprah. And, I have no doubt that I'll go out of my way in 2009 to do those things instead of tuning in to your latest discovery about your needs, life, feelings, weight loss/gain, etc.


  1. Steve: I am trying to figure out how many ways I can say Amen and not sound like I agree with you 200%!! I am personally so tired of hearing about "O" and it being all about her. When will people learn that she is a flawed sinner who needs Jesus like everyone else? But I better get off my soapbox. Great post my friend! Confession: I have never watched a segment of Oprah at all. Do I miss it? How quickly can I say "NO!"

  2. How about, "she needs Jesus-EXCLAMATION MARK"

    She is WAY too full of herself.

    I'm way too full of donuts and pizza!

  3. As my dear, sweet grandmother used to say, Oprah Winfrey makes my butt want to dip snuff.

    I'm all too sure that she is going to end up being the false prophet spoken about in Revelation.

    You heard it here first, kids.

  4. I pray for her soul. I used to watch Oprah. Then one day she started talking about New Age religious beliefs and mind over matter. That was the last time I tuned in. It was also almost 3 years ago. Since then I have found her very easy to ignore.


  5. In reality, Steve, Oprah is filled with self-loathing. In reality, she has no answers and every time she gains back her weight, it is a reminder to her that she is not "All that". This is her therapeutic exorcism of the gut-wrenching disgust she has for herself.

    She's never ever ever gotten over being molested by her family members as a child. She does need Jesus. More than we can know. May He enter her life this year and may she be the beacon of light that He desires her to be. selahV


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