Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You Mr. President!

Today, President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America, leaves office.

Thank you Mr. President for the faithful commitment and dedication you've shown over the last eight years.

I will always be appreciative of your presidency for the following reasons:

1) Your love for America.

2) Your desire to keep America safe from further terrorist attack.

3) Your unshamed wearing of the American flag on your lapel! Then again, you first wore the American flag on your uniform as you served our country's military. So, who's surprised.

4) Your ability to laugh as yourself and others.

5) Your pet names for the White House Press Corps. Maybe that is why they didn't like you! That's probably not the reason, but it was fun!

6) Your obvious love for your wife and daughters. And, your admiration and support of your parents.

7) Your love for baseball, the greatest game on earth.

8) Your faith in Jesus Christ. While you did not always follow the path Jesus charted for you, who does?

9) Your ability to admit past mistakes, and current ones as well.

10) Your ability to ensure a smooth transition with the Obama team! There have been no reports of vandalism like when you came to office and the "W's" were missing from the computer keyboards and towels were stolen from Air Force One. Mr. President, thanks for exiting the scene with class.

Mr. President, I hope you enjoy some time with family, friends, and resting. After the two terms you've had in the Oval Office, you deserve a little "down-time!" I hope you find it and enjoy it.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you Steve! Finally a post about the outgoing president who wasn't always popular (like seldom with many) but always firm in his love for America and keeping her safe. I am on record as being one who is so tired of "savior-izing" the incoming one. I plan no TV watching, no gawking, no pandering, only prayer for him. I pray for America and the changes that will definitely come down the pike. Mr. Bush wasn't perfect (who is?) but he is classy. If $150 million is any indication of the future we are in deep horse doo-doo. 'Nuff said. Thanks again for a great post Steve.

  2. I also appreciate his toasting for custom, but then sitting the drink down! That, to me, was a big deal.

  3. Bill...thanks for your kind words and for stopping by...always appreciate what you have to say...

    Rick...thanks for coming by and commenting. I'm with you...actions do speak loudly...

  4. And, Mr. President, take a nap -- it's long overdue, Sir.

    :) Heidi


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