Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turning Evil into Good

Did you see the interesting story out of Miami, Florida, last weekend? It seems someone decided to drop hundreds, maybe thousands, of pairs of shoes on the freeway. I’m not sure why someone would do that or even where all the shoes came from.

The Florida Highway Patrol said thousands of work boots, bath slippers, tennis sneakers, beach sandals, even pairs of inline skates, inexplicably materialized Friday morning on the busy roadway. Traffic was disrupted for hours. A private contractor was hired to pick up the sea of soles and deposit them in an empty field. The investigation into who discarded the shoes continues.

Out of the “devilish” act that was done, something great is coming out of it. A charity group has stepped forward to collect the thousands of shoes mysteriously dumped on a Miami-area highway and will send them to the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti.

Soles4Souls, a Nashville, Tennessee-based charity, is sending representatives to Miami to collect the shoes. The group will distribute them to people in Haiti.

I’m sure the people of Haiti will be blessed by this donation (well, other than for the inline skates, not sure there will be a demand for those).

Sure gives a new meaning to the Bible verse that reminds us that what men mean for harm, God can turn into good.

I wonder how many souls will be saved because soles were dumped on a Florida highway? Thousands, I pray.


  1. One of our ladies is leaving for haiti tomorrow to distribute shoes. She mentioned this Sunday and said even though she is not taking as many shoes as she would like kids in haiti are still going to get shoes. Also, I think soles4souls is the mission Anne Jackson (and Heidi) was trying to collect shoes for. This will go toward their goal also. Reminded once again about "what you meant for evil God meant for good."

  2. What absolute blessings those shoes will be!! It was wild as that story was breaking about the shoes - I don't know how many of us were contacting the founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, Wayne, to tell him about it.

    Thank You, Lord! Good is definitely coming out of a huge mess.

  3. How very strange! I'm glad they are stepping up to distribute them instead of just throwing them away.

  4. Ha!! That's awesome!!



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