Friday, January 9, 2009

Is This Really Change?

Do you recognize the picture above?

Be honest. Do you?

Don't be surprised if you don't. Most people won't. Only those who really follow politics will.

The man pictured above is the likely candidate to become the new director of the CIA--the Central Intelligence Agency. You know the group, the spies amongst us.

The man pictured above has no experience in the intelligence field. None. He's never been a spy. He's never worked for the CIA or even the FBI. Yet, he's bringing needed change to the agency.

He does have Washington, DC experience. He was the Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton. Yes, you read that correctly. The Chief of Staff for the former president.

He was also a congressman from California for many years.

Now, he will become the director of the CIA. The chief spy himself.

Do you know him now?

He's none other than Mr. Leon Panetta.

Now, politics aside. Seriously. Didn't Mr. Obama run under the theme of "Change"? Didn't he promise change in America and the American government?

I'm confused. Especially since so many in his cabinet and other governmental appointees have ties to the Clinton administration.

I guess change simply meant away from Republican leadership to Democrat leadership.

To me, that's not much change, just more of the same old same old.

Same song. Different verse.


  1. Can't argue with your logic here . . .

  2. I didn't recognize him. Probably because my eyes are still filled with tears....

  3. know who's fault it is? Right. Those dang Democrats!

  4. yes, Yes, YES!!!! It was those dang FLORIDA DEMOCRATS!!!

    Thank you for giving someone else to blame. I feel better already!

  5. Hanging chads or something like that...

    You know, if the 4th best passer in your conference did this to OK, I'd hate to see what the best passer could do! Some players need to learn to be quiet!

  6. I agree. If you're gonna talk big, you gotta walk bigger!

    It sure was a good game.

    Sorry I've hijacked your post. To get back on topic, let me say that while there may have been big talk about change, there needs to be a bigger walk about change. The Democrats wanted to change government; I'm afraid that what they really meant was they wanted THEIR chance to wreck it for a while....

  7. Rick...feel free to hijack's not like I have hundreds and hundreds of comments a day! :)

    I didn't watch most of the game...a little gift to my wife...After all, 1/2/09 disappointed me in how Alabama, why watch two other teams via for the championship!

    At least Alabama can say that the team that beat us went all the way...

    Then again, maybe we should pull for Ole Miss...they beat Florida and Texas Tech!

    Rebels #1!

  8. First, I thought it was Walter Mathau with glasses. ;-)

    But sometimes, as with corp America, you have to bring in someone from the outside to take a fresh look at why things are done. Granted the ties to Clinton's admin are everywhere - won't argue that - but to break out of the "good ol' boy" corruption that can take root in the super-secret organizations (think Bourne series of movies), you need someone new.

  9. Walter is up and around and walking...then, we've got bigger problems than this!

  10. I'm sure Mr. Panetta will be a fine director of the CIA

  11. He looks like he has to poop. That's all I have to say about that.

    Oh and I'm not happy about the GAY-tors winning either. Unbelievable!


  12. Ummm?? You got me!! What?


  13. The man is honest.
    And he is not a neo-con.
    That's enough for me.


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