Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's Wrong with This Picture?

You know, I can’t write stuff like this! I certainly can’t make it up! Did you see the news out of Italy?

An Italian man was not able to afford a housekeeper. So, rather than doing his household chores himself, he allegedly turned to crime to get his dishes washed. The 43-year-old Italian man was arrested for allegedly kidnapping his ex-girlfriend from a bar in Genoa and forcing her to iron his clothes and wash his dishes.

The domestically-challenged suspect is accused of dragging the woman out of the bar, shoving her into a car, and taking her to his house, where he threatened her with violence if she did not do the chores.

Police were contacted by a friend of the kidnapped woman who was with her at the bar. The suspect, reportedly furious at his ex for breaking up with him, was charged with kidnapping.

Okay, here are my issues with this news article:

1) Any wonder this guy is single? Do I need to say anything more about that?

2) Obviously, this guy is poor. See statement number one.

3) Again, obviously, the guy is lazy. Once again, see statement number one. He won’t do his own laundry and ironing?

4) Only the friend at the bar called police? No one else was concerned about a woman being dragged out? Then again, it did happen in a bar. I’m sure they’ve seen far worse things happen in there. What’s a little kidnapping among drunks!

5) I’m married. I’m not sure that even if I tried, that I could force my wife to do anything. I know there are abusive situations and that men (and women) can and will do evil things in those relationships, I know that. However, in normal relationships, decisions and actions are not made by force, but by love. Any wonder why the ex broke off the relationship? Any wonder why statement number one is true!

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  1. 1) No doubt here.

    2) I would agree.

    3) Agreed. He didn't even finish stuffing her in the trunk! Wonder what he did while she worked? Whistled or played xbox?

    4)Makes me wonder if anyone would call about me. I don't go to bars.

    5) What? You aren't the head of your household. You mean your wife doesn't ask "how high?" when you say "jump"?

    6) Moral of story: if you are going to kidnap your ex don't do it while she is in a bar. I think the word for that is "idiot."

  2. Bill, as the head of the house, I do whatever the neck (the wife) makes me do. When she says, "Jump!" I do. I don't ask questions, it's just better to go ahead and take action. That's what she wants, not questions! :)

  3. Great example Steve! :)

  4. After all the years of marriage, I thought you would already know this! :)


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