Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

Spike Lee recently felt insulted by fellow director Clint Eastwood. Clint “Dirty Harry” Eastwood told a reporter that Spike “Do the Right Thing” Lee should “shut his face.”

Being a far braver man than me, Spike Lee responded back saying that Clint “sounds like an angry old man” and reminded him that “we’re not on a plantation.”

Apparently, Spike Lee was complaining that no African-Americans were included in Eastwood’s 2006 Iwo Jima movies, “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima.”

All I really needed to know about this exchange was included in a single sentence from the reporter: “Spike Lee is promoting his newly released film…”

You know, when I hear an actor or actress saying something provocative while they are promoting a new film or new stage act or new project, those provocative words immediately puts things in a not-so-favorable position for me. They are hocking a film or something. Too often, they will say or do just about anything to get the additional PR for their latest project. They’ll shave their head, join a cult, divorce their spouse, and run around naked (if needed) to promote what they are working on—the latest, greatest film the world has ever seen. You’ll see them on every morning talk show, late night show, and every commercial, just trying to promote their work.

Whether Spike Lee has a point or not, I don’t know and to be totally honest, I don’t really care at this point and time. There are far more important issues in the world. There are floods in Indiana, tornados in the mid-west, extreme heat in the northeast, and gas prices topping the $4 a gallon range in the US.

Besides, Mr. Lee is a brave man! I’ve seen him on TV; he’s fairly short and not very strapping of a man. Mr. Eastwood is Dirty Harry! I don’t think that even though Clint is now what, 95 years old, I think he could still take down Spike.

Then again, whatever it takes to promote the latest, greatest, newest Spike Lee movie! Whatever it takes.


  1. My thoughts exactly Steve. My reaction is to tell people like Spike Lee to "get a life." But promotion of a movie is important. Does beg a question: when Christ-followers get out their placards and picket or boycott are they not, in a way, falling right into the hands of those they are protesting? Just a thought.

  2. I've never been a huge fan of boycotts or pickets. I agree with you, sure does draw attention to the effort we are protesting against! I think most people are smart enough to make decisions on their own, and they don't need an organized effort to tell them what to do.

  3. True. How may movies, books, etc have received undo publicity because someone boycotted it?

  4. One more thing: I must be a heretic. I have never boycotted anything.

  5. Bill, I think I am a child of the 1960s and 70s. When people tell me NOT to do something, I find myself HAVING to do it!

    Let me give you an example. A number of years ago, when the SBC boycotted Disney (remember that?) and the convention was held in Orlando. Well, I decided to boycott. I boycotted the SBC meeting and went to Disney Land with my family! I sure had more fun there than I would have had at the SBC! I also boycotted the SBC and went to Universal Studios!

    Shame on me! NOT!

  6. you rebel! I can see that "rebel without a cause" t-shirt you wore to Disneyland already. I think I would rather have gone to Disney also although I have never been to an SBC gathering (and have no plans to) I try to avoid those kinds of things. Besides, I am not SBC! :)

  7. Well, shame on you for not being SBC! You know, we probably shouldn't even be talking, seeing that we are not of the same "kind!"

    Then again, I guess we are the same kind. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We worship Him and Him alone. We serve Him to the best of our ability.

    And, we are both rebels...with a cause!

  8. Clint may be old, but he could probably still kick Spikes butt!

  9. Don't ya know it!

    I wouldn't mess with him!


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