Friday, June 6, 2008

The Disappearing Lighthouse

A Cape Cod lighthouse that was thought to be destroyed more than 80 years ago has reappeared—in California.

Cape Cod historians had believed for decades that the 30-foot-tall lighthouse that once overlooked Wellfleet Harbor had been demolished in 1925. But researchers learned the fate of the cast iron tower last year. Colleen MacNeney, whose parents have taken pictures of every lighthouse in the country, reported the find in this month's edition of Lighthouse Digest.

The structure is now at Point Montara at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. MacNeney says she came across correspondence that proved the lighthouse, first built in 1881, had been moved by the Coast Guard from Wellfleet to Yerba Buena, California, and eventually to its current location at Point Montara.

I have a question for you. How does a 30-foot-tall lighthouse disappear in the first place? Who, exactly, was the first person to notice that it was missing? Was someone out for their morning walk, looked up on the hillside, and said, “What is going on, the lighthouse is gone!” Who was the first to say that the lighthouse had been destroyed? How did that rumor get started? Did they claim the destruction an act of God? Did the original story claim that a hurricane had destroyed it? Was it teenagers that were responsible? How about aliens?

How does a 30-foot-tall lighthouse disappear from Cape Cod and reappear in California? Well, I, for one, am glad the mystery has been solved. I’ve been worrying about it for years, how about you?

That’s not really true. Until I read the story this week, I’d never even heard of the lighthouse or that it had mysteriously disappeared. Also, who knew there was even a publication known as the Lighthouse Digest. Now, I’m wondering how many people subscribe to the magazine? Is it available on the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble? Is it a special order magazine? I need to know! Maybe I’ll goggle it later to find out.

Looks like I need to do a little more homework on this subject. I’m just glad to know the mystery has been solved—the government did it! Where are all the conspiracy theorists? If it had been an “UFO”, they would have been coming out of the woodwork. Why did they not take a disappearing lighthouse as seriously? Shouldn’t that have been a sign or something? Something strange is still happening here! I don’t think the government is telling us the whole story. I wonder who and what they are trying to protect. Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

Tell me what you think.


  1. What a mystery! but I bet the answer is in the president's secret book that only the president knows where it is...except Nicolas Cage. It does make you wonder how in the world something that big could escape detection for all these years. We lived for 5 years near a lighthouse in Marblehead, OH and trust me when I say that if that thing disappeared the whole world would know!

    Okay Mr.SleuthMan...get busy and find out the answer before I...before I...give up all hope.

  2. I just looked on the back of a dollar bill in my wallet. I didn't see a single clue that would help me.

    A few years ago, I went to Philadelphia on vacation and went to Independence Hall. Considering the numbers of police and security guards at that place, you can tell how FAKE the money is! If you even stepped off the carpet, I believe they would shoot you! Shoot and then ask questions later--a little how the police department in NYC operates!


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