Monday, June 2, 2008

Is There Life on Other Planets?

Scientists overseeing the Phoenix Mars Lander recently said that they believe the spacecraft's thrusters uncovered a large patch of ice on the Martian surface. Project scientists aren't yet completely certain about what they have seen to date, but have reached a consensus that the material is ice that had been covered by just a few inches of dirt.
The Phoenix Mars Lander is equipped with a backhoe-like robotic arm that will be used to dig into the surface and retrieve samples for testing in the lander's small onboard laboratories. The lander was sent to a spot on Mars' northern regions in hopes of finding frozen water, but just how deep underground it w0uld be found was unknown.
What do you think? Is there life on other planets? If ice is discovered on Mars does that mean that there has been at some point or is there now life on the "Red Planet"? What, if anything, does the Bible teach about life on other planets or other life forms existing? Does it say anything about it?
In my opinion, I don't really know whether life exists outside our own planet. And to be honest with you, whether it does or not, doesn't really trouble me. God is God. He can do whatever He wishes, and if His desire was to create other life forms or life on other planets, so be it. To me, that's His doings.
Any of this trouble you? Cause you to question God? His plan? Is there something out there?

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