Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dropping--100 Words


On New Year’s Eve they drop a crystal ball in New York City.

In Atlanta, they drop a peach.

A wide receiver drops a pass. Cell phones drop calls. The temperature drops (not in Alabama, but in other places it does).

Dropping things is a way of life. Dropping a bad habit is good. A drop in the Dow is bad.

I hate when I “drop the ball.”

I’m responsible for something, and I forget. I miss an appointment.

Drives me crazy when I do that!

The more stressed I get, the more I drop.

Can I drop stress?


  1. I had the drops yesterday. it added to my stress. :) I give you permission to drop your stress. have a good day Steve.

  2. love your 100 word comments! They say much more!


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