Monday, August 22, 2011

Disappointment--100 Words


Do you ever struggle with disappointment?

I do.

I struggle most with disappointment when I’ve put too much trust in someone.

Someone will probably say, “That’s the problem. You shouldn’t put your trust in people. Put your trust in God.”

I do. But, wouldn’t it be a sad world if I also didn’t trust people?

While God never fails, people certainly do. And people fail regularly.

And, depending upon the level of trust I’ve put in them, that determines the amount of pain their failure causes.

I’m not alone in struggling with disappointment.

And, dear friend, neither are you.


  1. Two issues going on here. One is disappointment, the other is struggle.

    I remind myself that I should be disappointed only in those who owe me something. That list is small. If they don't owe me, then the only fault I find is in fact criticism that they don't live up to my expectations for their behavior. Which I have no right to do.

    Struggling? No. When folks who owe me fail to come through, unless I'd want to trade places with them, I feel sympathy for them.

    When I gave up the struggle, the disappointment took care of itself.

    There are specific incidents in my life that brought this about, by the way.

  2. Forgot to mention .. you're getting better. This one is 101 words.

    Keep plugging.

  3. Bob...take off your shoes and recount...

  4. Good thoughts Steve! I find myself sometimes more disappointed in me than in anyone else. Why did I do that? Why didn't I react better? The ultimate though is the let down that comes from people. I have also become extremely disappointed that I let down others.

  5. Jesus trusts us over and over with everything He is and all that He has given... over and over I try to do the same. It is often painful but the reward is in waiting because the Master craftsman is not finished with any of us yet, and the joyous surprises are infinite. I put my hand in the hand of the One who calmed the water and wait with Him. He wipes away my tears and gives hope !


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