Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Bad Headlines and Writing

Over the last few days, I’ve been writing about poorly written or edited newspaper articles. Here’s another one, this one coming from Hart Township, Michigan.

Police say a naked 14-year-old boy taking a walk with a large white poodle assaulted a woman in Oceana County.

Sheriff Lt. Craig Mast told the Ludington Daily News the boy walked away from a behavioral treatment facility Monday. He was strolling unclothed in Hart Township with the dog when he encountered a 53-year-old woman in her yard.

Mast says, “The young naked man approached her with this poodle, and she immediately realized something peculiar.”

They spoke briefly. When the woman took out a cell phone to call for help, the boy pushed her and fled with the phone, which he later broke in half.

Deputies found the boy. He’s charged in juvenile court with strong-arm robbery and assault.

She noticed something peculiar? Wonder what gave it away? A teenage boy walking a poodle?

Just for fun, here’s another one for you to consider. This one was a headline in a California newspaper concerning a drug bust/sting operation that was being carried out in public restrooms in a state park.

The heading for the story was “Police smell crack in restroom, arrest man.” Wouldn’t you hate to have that job, going into a public men’s room and smelling!

Thanks Clay for passing these along!

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