Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekends Are Made for Pancakes

The other weekend, I made pancakes for Tonya and Evan. While I think Tonya enjoyed them, her reaction paled in comparison to Evan's reaction!

Let's just say, Evan, pancakes, and blueberries were just made for each other!

I wish I could return to the day where I could enjoy my food like this!

Sadly, I think those days are over for me!

But, thankfully, not for Evan!


  1. Those little teeth make this pic even cutier! If that is even possible of course..

    I still make a mess when eating some thing I enjoy! Mrs. Manners would not enjoy eating with me either Evan!

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmm!

    Sadly, you'll be enjoying your food just like this if you live another 50 years. 'Cept you might not know it cuz your mind will be shot. Maybe Evan will take pictures of you and post it to his blog by then?

    I'm sick. I know. Good bye.


  3. Heidi...don't you need to return to your "hiding" status?

  4. Blueberry. Ymmmm! My favorite. Why wasn't I invited?

  5. and the Mrs. always have a standing invite...come on down...

  6. such a smile you gave me today. thanks. My hubby made me pancakes yesterday, too. another blessing. selahV

  7. ...but i made you laugh, no?

  8. So if I come visit you, will you make some BLUEBERRY PANCAKES for me?


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