Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be On the Lookout!

As an editor, I am always amazed at some of the things that get printed. I mean, think about it. Some copy editor, editor, maybe even managing editor has read it and said, “That’s okay to print!”

The following story is a good case in point.

The newspaper said that Dallas authorities are searching for a man who they say ran over a woman with his car before abducting his estranged wife as she was trying to leave him.

After the couple had a fight Tuesday, 25-year-old Misty Rose Scott contacted a friend about helping her leave her husband, Bobby Shayne Scott.

When her friend, 38-year-old Tracy Arauju, came to pick her up, Bobby Scott, 26, rammed the car with his minivan and ran over Arauju after she got out to inspect the damage. She was rushed to Baylor Hospital where she is in critical condition.

A witness told cops that Bobby Scott then jumped into Arauju’s car and drove off with his wife still inside.

Now, here’s the sentence that gets me. Actual word-for-word what was printed: Police believe that Misty Scott’s life could be in danger.

Do you think? Wonder how long it too some reporter to write that sentence? And what possessed the editor to sign off on it! Of course her life is in danger. He had a fight with his wife, ran into her friend's car, ran over her friend, and kidnapped his wife. Her life could be in danger?

Come on reporters and editors, get it right! Why not turn your attention to something else, like the economy. We know you'll report that correctly!


  1. Did you put that picture in to get my attention? That is exactly like my wife's Sportage! Same color, even.

    The whole press corps is ridiculous. I remember about 30 years ago, a local family-owned pottery factory burned down. The owner, Mrs. Frank, was out in front of the blazing building, on her knees sobbing. A TV reporter came along, stuck a mic in her face and with the cameras rolling asked (are you ready for this?) "How do you feel now that you've lost everything you own?" Her husband actually punched the reporter in the nose!

  2. Rick...believe it or not, that's the car the guy drove off in...or should I say, the model car...

    And good for the husband...a well placed punch in the nose is sorely needed today as well!

  3. Rick...after your blog post about the prison...Maybe it should get your attention!

  4. Truth is stranger than fiction!

    BTW, a Sportage is an SUV, NOT a mini-van! Well, kind of a mini-SUV. ;-)

  5. FYI, Bobby Scott, the husband, was driving a minivan - the Sportage was his wife's car.

    The wife's friend, Tracy Araujo, was driving the Sportage and the wife, Misty Scott, was in the passenger seat. He used his minivan to ram the Sportage over, and when Araujo got out to see the damage, he ran over her and left her pinned under the minivan, while he hopped into the drivers seat of the Sportage and drove off, kidnapping the wife.

    They found the SUV the next day (one week ago), but no news on the wherabouts of either of them, or if Araujo's condition has improved.

    Seriously, everyone needs to know where the police stations are and how to get to them, especially if you know you're getting involved in a potentially violent situation. If someone intentionally rams you on the side of your car, DON'T STOP unless you know there are police around. There are too many crazies out there who don't value human life and wouldn't bat an eye over taking your life. (This has been a public service announcement.)


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