Monday, October 26, 2009

Sports--100 Words


Few enjoy sports as much as me.

Baseball. Football. Basketball. Racing. I enjoy them all.

Always have.

From the time I was a child, our backyard was a three-season sports field. We played baseball in summer. Football in fall. Basketball in winter. Springtime? Well, you had to study at some point!

Sports today are different from then. In those days, it seemed the games were purer. People played the game for the love of the game, not money.

Today, that’s not true. Signing bonuses. Strikes. Hold outs.

I’d like to return to the love of sports of my youth.


  1. I used to watch them all too Steve. I got extremely tired of basketball. Can you say "Thugs?" When the football players went on strike in the 80s that is when I decided Sunday afternoons were better spent doing something constructive than watching TV. I stopped watching it. I no watch an occasional baseball game and since cycling is not an every station event, I watch very little anymore. Besides, like you I would like to see the sports of my youth.


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