Saturday, October 3, 2009

100 Words--The Olympics

The Olympics.

A great event every four years. Winter. Summer games.

I’ve watched the Olympics over the years. Being a southern boy, I understood the summer games far better than the winter games. After all, what did I know about hockey or bobsledding?

But, was 2009 the year for our President to be salesperson-in-chief for the city of Chicago? Isn’t the President the Commander-in-Chief and not a community organizer in Chicago?

I thought so.

With unemployment still rising, the economy still sucking wind, earthquakes and tsunamis in American Somoa, seems to me those are far bigger items to focus on.

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  1. Steve: I am with you on this. I don't know whether to rejoice that it didn't work out or not. He had no business being there for this. Send someone else. I think it is called political favoritism. He owed someone something. Too much happening in his own backyard to worry about 2016 (supposedly the last year of his next term) Hmmmm.


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