Friday, October 9, 2009

Favoritism--100 Words


Most people don’t admit to showing favoritism.

At least not proudly.

In the Bible, Isaac favored Esau over Jacob.

That didn’t turn out great, did it?

Later, Jacob favored Joseph over the others.

You would think Jacob would know better.

Centuries have passed since those stories took place. How many of us have not learned the lessons of Isaac or Jacob?

Even in the church, we show favoritism. We look the other way when some people sin—because they might help us later.

James 2 said something about favoritism. Basically, James said, “Don’t do it!”

Why haven’t we learned?

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  1. Steve, so sad that folks favor anyone over another in such a way that one person gets hurt. I know it is natural to have people we enjoy being around more than others, but we shouldn't be stepping on someone's head while we express our love to another. just not nice. that is an awsome photo. selahV


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