Thursday, October 22, 2009

Done--100 Words


When I lived in Virginia, restaurant servers often asked at the end of a meal: “Are you done yet?”

Never quite knew the origin of that phrase. We didn’t ask such questions back in Alabama.

Lately, I’ve found myself asking the question “Are you done yet?”

I’ve asked it in various situations. Settings. Related to various topics.

Up until now, I would have probably said, “No. I’m not.” Maybe that’s keeping a stiff upper lip. Maybe that’s living in denial. Or, maybe it was just stating fact—I wasn’t done.

Not today. “Are you done yet?”


Check please.


  1. I think its the difference in regional dialect. they just can't help it. althought it doent make it right.They just dont knowthe correct way to end the meal and pass the ticket..sad for their part huh?

  2. I am bored. It's not your fault. I am trying to stay off FB. What is wrong with me?

    Bye. Have a good weekend. Bye again. No, really, bye.


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