Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travel--100 Words


Do you like to travel? I used to.

I’ve traveled for pleasure. I’ve traveled for work.

Too often, my work takes me away from home, usually for a night or two at the most. Hotels. Restaurants. Rental cars. Suitcases. Those become my unwelcomed companion.

In my travels, I’ve seen some exciting places. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. From Mexico to Canada. Our world is a beautiful place. God has created a beautiful world—and I can see His handiwork at ever turn.

But, I’ve decided that my favorite place to travel to is home.

To my wife.



  1. Steve: I have traveled very little. Gone to conferences in Washington and AZ and elsewhere but never enough to rack up frequent flyer miles. :) I agree with you and for only this once with Dorothy: "There is no place like home."

  2. I'm with you. I don't mind day trips but let me back in my home with my family and in my bed.

  3. I love to travel. I dont get to do much of it tho. We live in a beautiful country tho!

    I dont care for the drive from eastern SD to eastern WY (that we take too often) tho! Its 8 looong hours and I have seen it all a few too many times.

    Coming home last night to my home, my bed, and with my kids(we were 450 mi apart most of the summer)....there are no words!


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