Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Death--100 Words


These days, I am surrounded by it.

Young. Old. Some old while still young.

New bodies. Worn out bodies. Overweight bodies. Skinny bodies.

Each one died. Their heart stopped. Their lungs shut down. They died.

Some went to heaven. Some did not. I didn’t make that decision. They did.

I don’t sit in judgment. I pray for their family and offer comfort.

One thing for sure. They all met their Maker. Some were glad to see Him. Some shocked.

God didn’t make their decision for them either. They decided it. Now, they live with that choice.

For eternity. Forever.


  1. Interesting you should write this today Steve. Got a call about 6:20 this morning that a man who mocked his wife and God had died. What is now sad is the family has to live with that knowledge. As does he.


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