Friday, August 28, 2009

Deep Thoughts--100 Words

Deep thoughts.

I read them all the time on Facebook.

Professors. College presidents. Wise pastors. And, so many others who share deep thoughts. Intimidates me at times. Makes my thoughts seem shallow.

I wonder why I don’t have deep thoughts. Seems I’m far more focused on how I’m going to paint the wall that is 15 feet tall, leading upstairs. How am I going to do that without breaking my neck?

See, those are my deep thoughts.

That and thinking about how to be a better husband and father. Those questions do take up my brain cells and deep thoughts.


  1. I think Deep is overrated. Give me simple that people can understand.

  2. A deep thinker I'm not Steve. I leave that up to those who have the brain power to do so. I have two brothers who take care of that for me. :)


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