Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not For Long

An NFL coach once told an official that if he kept making calls like he was making that he wouldn't be calling games in the league for long, literally telling him what NFL stood for--Not For Long.

Maybe it is time for that same coach to tell NFL players that!

It's been a terrible off-season for NFL players. One player has been arrested for the death of a person, while he was DUI. Other players have been arrested on various charges across the country. Two NFL players died at seas when their boat capsized. Now, there's another story in the news.

It seems that NFL receiver Reggie Williams has been charged with drug possession after off-duty policemen used a Taser to subdue him when he refused to leave a bar.

Houston police spokesman Kese Smith says Williams was impaired when he refused to leave a bar Sunday night. He struggled with two off-duty officers who tried to escort him out and one of them used a Taser on him.

Police say jail officials later found a small bag believed to contain cocaine in Williams’ back pocket. He was charged on Monday with possession of a controlled substance and freed after posting a $2,000 bond.

In February, the 25-year-old unrestricted free agent was arrested in Houston on drink driving and possession of marijuana charges, which were later dropped. He played for the Jacksonville Jaguars last season.

You know, I love sports. I really do. I used to love playing sports. I still love watching sports. But, what I don't love is the attitude of so many players, many who have been pampered their entire live, and given anything they want. Now, they believe they can live above the law, do what they want, and will suffer no penalty for it.

As a fan, I'm tired of it. And maybe I need to learn the meaning of NFL--if this stupidity keeps up, that's about how long I should keep watching--Not For Long!


  1. When they pay some guy $1,000,000 for "playing" football (or any other sport) it really (at least for me) takes the "fun" out of the game. They cease to play and are only performing.

    College ball is where it's at! Quite frankly, I'd rather watch a good high school football game than almost any pro football team.

    That's my $.02.

  2. Rick...at least with college ball, we know that their paychecks are far more manageable...more in the $100,00 a year range...

    Well, plus a free car from the local dealership who sponsors the team and coaches...

  3. That's (unfortunately) for the most part true, but at least they kids are still "playing" football.

  4. Unfortunately Steve you have hit on the crux of whole problem with sports- spoiled brats who whine until they get what they want and greedy owners willing to pay out of their ahhhh...nose to get what they want. I loved sports but quit watching the NFL when they went on strike in the 80s. Plus I found something much more productive to do with my Sunday afternoon (and can't stay up late in the evenings). It is sad that guys don't even know how to write checks and manage money (Vick is the latest) and have to have help to do so. Money + prima donnas = trouble. I think I better stop...


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