Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am Invisible! Really I Am!

Police say a man dressed liked a ninja used a sword in an attempt to rob a Weymouth (MA) dry cleaner. According to police, a convenience store clerk called police Monday after she noticed a man walking into the store wearing a ski mask and carrying a sword in a sheath on his belt.

When the man noticed her, he pulled his mask off and asked if she was calling about him, police said. Pulling off your mask is a good move too. Shows real brains!

When she said she was, police said the man left the store and walked into nearby Galaxy Cleaners.

There, police said he pointed a sword at the register and asked a clerk to give him all the money inside. Police said he left after she told him she couldn’t open the drawer.

Police still are searching for the man, who witnesses said appeared to be in his late 20s. I think it might be important to note that he was dressed in a ninja outfit, with a sword on his waist. That might help in the apprehension, don’t you think?

I guess the ninja didn’t think the police would spot him if he robbed the store next to the store where the manager was calling police. Then again, it would appear that the thief was correct, the police didn’t catch him at the scene! Not sure which is more foolish. The man in a ninja outfit, or the police not being able to catch him.

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