Monday, April 13, 2009

Lego My King!

A Swedish church unveiled a life-size statue of Jesus Christ during their Easter morning mass.

The nearly 30,000 Lego bricks used to make the 5.8 foot statue were donated by parishioners, Per Wilder, the pastor of the Oensta Gryta Church in Vaesteras.

“It is a fantastic installation and it will be there as long as we think it is in a good spot,” Wilder said. “All those I spoke with were full of praise, saying how fantastic the model looks and how much good work we put into this.”

Wilder said work on the statue was started a year and a half ago.

Wonder if they have spent an equal amount of time telling people exactly who Jesus is and what He did for us on the cross and through the empty tomb.

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  1. Is this sort of like when people spend so much time learning about Jesus that they forget to meet Him?


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