Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No More Words

Do you ever run out of words?

A dry spell. Nothing comes. Nothing to say.

I am there today.

So, if you've got some words to share, please comment. Otherwise, it will be a very quiet day.


  1. Yesterday I found something that the car dealer forgot to give us when we bought my used CR-V three years ago (literally - 4/6/06) the code for the stereo. See, it's equipped with an anti-theft system, requiring a 5-digit code if it loses power.

    Like if the battery is replaced.

    The manual says "Since there are thousands of possibilities, you should have recieved a card with the code." Otherwise, go see the dealer and they can look it up based on the serial number on the radio.

    Needless to say, I've had some nice quiet time on the drive to and from work the past two days. ;-)

  2. You do understand quiet...don't you...

  3. Sometimes RQMs (really quiet moments) are quite necessary.

    Understanding in Texas

  4. I read this: O sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things!" If you can't find words to say then sing. :) 'course if you sing like me it quiet might be better.

  5. Will... you must drive a Volvo. That happened to me in my old S40. It sucked!

    My mom hates the word suck.

    Speaking of my mom... sometimes I'd really like to shake her hard enough to make her see. Such a freaking pain in the buttocks she is. So choosy and she has favorites. How? I'll never understand this.

    Jaxon finally pooped. For crying out loud that took almost a week.

    Brianna is crying that Jeremy took her candy out of her bag.

    Jeremy has been sent to his room with a mouth full of stolen candy.

    I hate it when people give my kids candy.

    See. Now you will NEVER give me free reign to spread my manic thoughts on your blog ever, ever, ever again.

    BoooHaHaHaHa (Dr. Evil-ish)

  6. Wow, Heidi, I'm glad I got my radio fixed - it's a Honda CR-V, by the way.


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