Saturday, February 7, 2009

It May Be Time!

One of the best commericals from the Super Bowl was sponsored by Sit back for a minute and enjoy.

There have been times over the years that I could totally relate to this particular commerical.


  1. I'd seen this somewhere before Steve and I laughed a lot. Made me do it again.

  2. Ew. Thank you God I never sat next to that guy. Ew. Shivers up my spine in the not good way type of EWWWWW!!


  3. I thought I'd seen that woman somewhere before. It's my WIFE!!!!
    (not really, but a pretty good representation.)

  4. hahahahahah. after the week we've had, i needed that laugh! and I agree, heidi, sitting next to that guy would definitely make me quit my job. >shudders<

  5. I think I used to work next to that man...

    EWWW is right!

  6. Jerald...very brave...or very stupid...I'll leave that to you...hope your wife doesn't read this!


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