Monday, February 9, 2009

A Few Lessons Learned

Last Wednesday, Evan turned one year old. What a ride this last year has been! He is such a fun kid and brings so much joy into our life.

Over this last year, I've learned several lessons as I have watched Evan grow.

* If you turn your back for three seconds, Evan can be in the next room or halfway up the stairs.
* A box is just as good as a present. At Christmas, Evan spent more time playing with the wrapping paper and boxes that his presents came in than he did playing with the presents themselves.

* I don't know what it is about cords, but Evan loves electrical cords. Thick cords, thin cords, long cords, short cords. It really doesn't matter what type of cord it is, Evan loves to play with them. So, if you turn your back, if he's not in the next room or halfway up the stairs, he's found another cord to pull on. Or, to try to eat!

* Evan has decided that he totally loves the food we are eating! At first, Evan wasn't too sure about "real" food. Now, he's very taken with it! I don't think he has found a food that he doesn't really like! He eats fruit, veggies, and meat. He especially loves chicken! Which is good because we rarely eat red meat. So, it's a good thing for him to like chicken and fish and seafood.

* Evan rarely stops smiling! About the only time he isn't smiling is when he is laughing. And, he loves to laugh.

* It is so much fun to walk into a room and watch Evan's face light up! He really does enjoy being with his mom and dad.

* Evan rarely meets a stranger. He enjoys meeting people at church, at daycare, and the mall. Especially the mall. Evan really likes to go to the mall and just sit and watch people! Then again, I like doing that too!

* The first year has gone by fast! It's hard to believe it has been a year since he was born. While I want him to grow up, I sure enjoy the innocence he has.

* Evan is fearless. Absolutely. Totally. Completely. Fearless! He isn't afraid of climbing off the bed. He isn't afraid to try to go up or down the stairs. He isn't afraid of strangers. He isn't afraid of our dog. He's not afraid of experiencing new things. Evan just isn't afraid! What do you think? Good trait? To some degree, I sure hope this trait doesn't go away any time soon. I hope he remains fearless about life!

* Just about all of life is good for Evan. People take care of all of his needs, feeds him, changes him, baths him, puts him to bed at night, and showers him with love and affection. Not a bad life for any of us, is it? It might be a better world if we all had people caring for us like that.

* Even at one year old, Evan knows how to express himself well. If he is wet, dirty, hungry, or sleepy, you know it. If he is tired, you know it. If he doesn't like something, you know it. There is no pretense with Evan. He is who he is. You know, I hope that trait doesn't go away any time soon!

I'll try to show a few more pictures of Evan over the next few weeks, and include a few pictures of his birthday cake, etc. I'll try not to be that irritating parent who shows off hundreds of pictures at the drop of the hat. Then again, it's my blog and I can if I want to! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments and words of wisdom.


  1. Ain't it great being a dad? I wouldn't trade those days or memories for anything in the world. Treasure them deeply my friend. They will fly by and soon you will be standing with tears on your cheeks watching your son graduating and moving on. But until rocks! And as the old saying goes: "you ain't seen nothing yet."

    Oh yeah: congrats to you Evan for having good & loving parents.

  2. Um, what Bill said. Great minds think alike?!?

    Seriously, enjoy these wonderful moments of learning and growth - you'll need to recall these times of "innocent youth" when you're trying to survive the teenage years.


  3. Go ahead, everyone loves cute pic!

  4. Just wait until he decides what is on your plate is much more appetizing than what's on his -- even if it's the same daggone thing. Hmph!

    No no no electrical cord chewing. I know you know this, but I choked when I read that. My mother-in-law has spent the majority of her adult life getting one plastic surgery procedure after another because she blew her face up as a kid when she bit into an electrical cord that was plugged in. Eeeeeek!!!

    Isn't it great having a child? Rhetorical question because I know it is. Beyond great. There is no such word in our language to describe how great.

    This post made me grin.



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