Friday, February 20, 2009

Bedtime Friends

This story just get more and more strange every day. You know the story. Or at least what's been told so far.

Now, some new, even more startling information has come out.

Travis the chimpanzee’s relationship with his owner was closer than those of some married couples. Sandra Herold gave him the finest food, and wine in long-stemmed glasses. They took baths together and cuddled in the bed they shared. Travis brushed the lonely widow’s hair each night and pined for her when she was away. If she left the house alone, Travis would give her a kiss.

Experts say the unusually human relationship would have been confusing for any animal. It may have also played a role in Travis’ savage attack Monday on Herold’s friend, 55-year-old Charla Nash of Stamford.

Earl Mason, whose son married Herold’s daughter, remembers when Herold got Travis. The chimp would ride a tricycle. “He grew up like a youngster. He did everything a kid would do. He was a cute little guy.” Travis loved ice cream and even knew the schedules of the ice cream trucks, Mason said. He ate breakfast at the table with Herold and her husband. But even when the chimp was a baby, Mason was amazed at his strength. When Travis would jump on him, Mason said he would slam into his chest.

“A cute little guy?”

Folks, Travis was a monkey! An ape! An animal!

Okay. Here’s the question for the day. Where do you draw the line with what kind of animal can sleep in your bed? Or, eat your ice cream?


  1. Easy question for me Steve! None! I ain't sharing my bed with anyone but my wife and anyone who wants my ice cream could get hurt! :)

  2. No animal can share my bed. That's disgusting on so many levels. I am a germaphobe and pet dander makes me want to gag. To me, sleeping with any animal would be like making the litter box my bed. Oh how gross!!! I am aware that people let dogs and cats sleep with them. Seriously -- what is the difference between a dog or cat and a monkey? No difference. None.

  3. did I know that would be your answer?

  4. There may be the occasional bed bug in my bed, but if I figure it out, they are outta there! And NO animal is eating my ice cream.

    I will share with Bernard and the kids though!

  5. really need to learn to form an opinion and express it! You are much to shy and bashful about sharing what you believe!

  6. That's disgusting. Although I'm sure there are days when my wife thinks I'm more primate than human.

  7. Karma...I thought you said B and the kids were animals at times? Maybe I remember incorrectly! :)

  8. just summed up every wife's feelings toward their husband!

  9. Had two cats that would sleep with me back in the day.. one on my head with a paw on my forehead. it was rather tender & sweet.. oh.. he was named after Tom Cruise.. lol

    This story was weird because of the name Travis. Our Travis can and does act like a monkey at times. I have also been known to share my ice cream with him.

  10. Not much else for me to say; Bill and Michael already said it!

    I was taken back when the woman said the chimp slept with her. BATHS??? Come on!

    My kids' cat sleeps all over the house and once in a while I'll find her asleep on my lap when I wake up from a nap, but I think that woman was taking it a little too far. (Esp with the ice cream!)

  11. Camey...I forgot about the name connection...I understand the monkey part...Evan does a good impression of that as well..., the cat belongs to your kids? Likely story!

  12. Prediction - many Psych post-grad thesis will be written on this one.

    A stat I heard on one report was that there are over 15000 primates as household pets in the US today, and 1500 are chimpanzes.

    But this really is just further proof to us that there really are people who will grab hold of ANYTHING to try and fill the hole in their hearts, not realizing that it's a Jesus-shaped hole that only He can fill.


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