Monday, February 2, 2009

How Much is That Puppy in the Window?

A Boca Raton, Florida, couple got a new dog, and it’s just like their old dog.

Not just the same breed and gender, but the same DNA.

Nina and Edgar Otto picked up their cloned yellow lab puppy at the Miami International Airport this week. Lancelot Encore was cloned from the DNA of the Ottos’ late dog Lancelot, which died of cancer in January 2008.

Guessing that pet cloning would one day be possible, the Ottos had DNA samples of their dog frozen five years ago.

The Ottos paid $155,000 in a San Francisco biotech firm’s dog-cloning auction last July.

Please reread that last sentence. $155,000!

BioArts International created Lancelot Encore in South Korea, where he was born 10 weeks ago.

Okay. Let me ask you a question. If you had a spare $155,000 would you clone a dog? Cat? Your child? Spouse? Anybody?

The answer for me? Simple! NO! I’d keep my money and spend it on something far wiser. Then again, just about anything would be wiser than spending money on a clone of anything.

I know that the Otto’s live in one of the most exclusive cities in the United States, maybe in the world. But come on folks. Go to the shelter. Rescue a dog. Look around town, there are hundreds of strays on the streets that could use a good home. Give the money to your local shelter. Feed a hungry family. Go on a missions trip and see what the world is really like—outside of your small, narrow, wealthy, mansion-driven world.

What a waste of good money!


  1. how many ways can someone say, "Sick to my stomach" or "I think I want to throw up" or some form of that? I am sickened to my core by this story but also realize it is symptomatic of what is wrong with our culture: live for me and the heck with your needs. Like you Steve I struggle to make ends meet with a strong desire to be debt free. This would pay off everything I own, house included, and give me some to spare. I just hope and pray that if I ever find myself in a situation where I have so much left over (yeah right) that I am not this selfish. Am I wrong in feeling this strongly?

  2. I agree with you, Bill. Disgusting.

    We were watching TV yesterday, and there was a Feed The Children show, where they show how their ministry is helping meet the basic needs of the destitute children around the world, in this episode, Africa.

    We flipped the channel and it was Hot On Homes, where they were showcasing a neighborhood in the North Texas area of 3500sqft homes in the $350k-500k range. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    No, Bill, you're not wrong, your head and heart just have the right focus.

  3. My question is this, If the original dog had cancer, and they used his cells and made an exact replica, wouldn't the clone eventually develop cancer as well?

    Heck, for that matter, feeding the hungry aside, think of how many animal shelters that much money would help. (Not that I think funding animal shelters is more important than feeding people, but these folks obviously love their animals. They could have spread that love a bit better, I believe).

  4. Blah!

    This is a prime example of what is wrong with our society. I say that yet I still eyeball that diamond bracelet, bigger diamond earrings, a BMW, a boob job, a tummy tuck, and myriad other things I definitely do NOT need. I am just as selfish, I just don't have as big a bank account. Shame on me and them and anyone who has the extras they don't need. Hmm... that might include all of us, right?


    heidi reed


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