Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Birthday Party Feast or Is That Mess?

Saturday was Evan's 1st birthday party. We had a bigger cake made for us. The grocery store where we bought the cake (Publix) gives a smaller individual cake for a child's 1st birthday! What a great idea! Evan had never had cake before, so we didn't know what to expect.

Here's what Evan's smaller cake looked like.

Now, let's follow the progression. Above, is the beautiful, untouched cake, before being placed in front of our child.

Now, below, is Evan sitting in his high chair, with the cake in front of him. At first, he was hesitant to touch the cake. He acted as if it were wrong to touch it, or to taste it.

But, he sure didn't disappoint us with his smile!

After about 10 minutes, well, the cake was no more. Evan had the best time enjoying his cake. He did eat some, I'm not sure how much. He also fed our dog, Peanut, who loves to sit under his chair and eat anything that "drops."

And, this was the photo I took as he was finishing up! Let's just say that most of him was covered in cake, as was his high chair, and the floor, and even Peanut's tail had some cake crumbs on it.

I'm hoping this tradition only happens on the 1st birthday!

You just can't imagine how long it took to clean him, the floor, and his high chair. Let's just say that I finally took the chair outside and hosed it off!

You know, I don't really think a child could have enjoyed his birthday party any more than Evan did! Hopefully, one day, he'll love watching the video of the cake event and seeing the pictures on his blog.


  1. I think that face in the first picture is saying, "Oh if they only knew what was coming." I am not sure what that second one is saying except "Oops I missed." Glad to see Evan is having fun.

  2. That's a pretty good-sized "smaller" cake!

    He'll have to get through the embarassed-teen years - and yes, it is a law that you must show these to all girls he dates (it's in the fine print) - but he will enjoy looking back at those pics and video.


  3. That first birthday is so fun. Both our kids had no idea what to do. The older one didn't want to get her fingers dirty, so she only poked at it and licked one finger. The younger didn't disappoint us and dug right in!

    What joyous happy memories!!!!

  4. That's totally cute! That's how I eat my cake. Ha!! Well, that's how I want to eat my cake anyway. :)



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