Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Evan!

Today is a special day around our house.

One year ago today, my wife and I were at the hospital, going through labor (ladies, please don't correct me here--while she went through physical labor and I am not downplaying that in ANY way, I too went through unbelievable labor pains just watching, waiting, supporting, not getting in the way, and not having my hand squeezed off!).

One year ago today, Evan William Heartsill made his grand entrance into the world--9 days early--at 3:43 PM.

What a beautiful baby he was! And, how full of life he was from the very first moment of life. He immediately looked around the room, as if to survey his new environment, to determine whether he liked it or not. While he was getting cleaned off by the nurse, he held onto my finger, as if to say, "Dad, as long as you are here, I'll be okay." I think in that moment, while his hand was wrapped around my little finger, what was really happening was that he was wrapping me around him.

Evan's birth was fairly uneventful, as far as births go. Everything went by the book. And, within three days, we were home. Introducing Evan to Peanut (our dog). And, we settling into our new life.

These months have passed quickly. Well, the first two months are still a blur of little sleep, going to work, and trying not to fall asleep in meetings. Feedings every few hours, dirty diapers, regular crying, and total dependance on us was all expected, but certainly exhausting. But now, oh what a joy! Evan is now beginning to eat table food, he is laughing all the time, and the only thing he does more than eat and laugh is smile! There's hardly a moment when a huge smile isn't on his face! He loves people, going to day care, going to church, and he especially loves to go to the mall and just sit and watch people go by! He flirts with all women, smiles at the men, and gets excited when anyone talks to him.

Now, the biggest new adventure for Evan is that he is now walking (see the video below for one of his first attempts at solo walking)! Well, stumbling is probably closer to the truth. But, he's trying. And, he is so proud of his accomplishment! He loves to walk between Tonya and I and then plop down on his rear end. Then, he's back up and ready to go again.

You know, at my age, babies generally don't come along--unless we are talking about grandchildren. Evan doesn't seem to care about my age. All he seems concerned about is playing with his mom and dad and puppy. And, seeing what new adventure he can discover today.

Happy Birthday Son! I hope you never lose that sense of adventure! And, I hope you never lose that smile you have when you see your old dad across the room.

I love you!


  1. happy birthday little man
    don't grow up too fast now -- it's hard on mom and dad
    do grow up healthy, strong, and with the love of Christ in your tender heart

    heidi reed

  2. I knew it was coming up this month Steve but wasn't sure of the day. Happy Birthday Evan and congrats to you and Tonya. Keep him under your thumb and they are a blessing. Be wrapped around theirs and it will be holy terror. Just kidding my blogging friend. I pray that he will always be proud of you and you him. May He grow up to be a fine young man who loves and serves Jesus.

  3. happy birthday little dude. i hope your dad buys you every annoying toy known to man. ;)

  4. Thanks Heidi for the kind words...coming from you, great words of wisdom!

  5. Bill...being proud of him really isn't a subject for discussion...on the other hand, him being proud of me, well, that's an entirely different story!

  6. Michael...just be thankful that Evan can't read...or else, I might have to delete your comment! :)

  7. It's hard to believe he is already one. I love you both with all my heart! I am overwhelmed by the blessing God has given me in having you join with me in this adventure called "parenting"! There isn't anyone else in the world I would rather have by my side. I love you Steven! Happy Birthday Evan William Heartsill!!!!

  8. Oh! What a milestone! God bless you three as you follow Him!

    (PS, send me your address and I'll send you all of the most annoying toys. We still have some around)

  9. Thanks make this easy!

  10. Rick...the problem have annoying GIRL toys!

  11. Well, at least you'll be able to raid up a MAN of God! ;-)

  12. Wait, Evan! Don't walk yet! Once you start, you'll never stop! ;-)

    Congrats, Steve and Tonya, on such a wonderful little man you've got there.

  13. I read this last night... (silly me - forgot to push "post")

    Hope the day after is even sweeter than the day of.. May Evan know His presence without having to try real hard. May he come to learn about his Real Father from his earthly dad & mom.

  14. He is adorable, and I still have a CUBS suit to send him.....hang on will get it THIS year...I promise.


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