Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Small Towns--100 Words

Small towns.

Small towns usually get a terrible rap.

Few services. Slow when they have services. Many miles from “civilization.”

All of those statements may be true.

Until someone comes along and surprises you with kindness.

Today, I needed some papers faxed. It wasn’t convenient to drive the paperwork to my mortgage person.

A fax was the logical choice.

Several calls to area businesses. No one could fax. Not WalMart. Not Walgreens.

Finally, Snider Pharmacy came through. One man shop. Probably struggling to stay in business.

Offered to fax at no charge!

The wonder of small towns. And, nice people.

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  1. I pastor in a small town of about 3000 and have no desire whatsoever of going to a big town/city. Fewer services, especially places to eat, but would much rather live here.


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