Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Jesse--100 Words

From one reverend to another.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse.

Let me understand what you are saying.

LeBron James is a slave?

Dan Gilbert is a slaveholder?

The owner of a basketball team is treating an athlete like a runaway slave?

Are you kidding?

Jesse, I would agree if you had said that Mr. Gilbert’s open letter to LeBron was in bad taste or over the top. It was. He was.

But, a slaveholder?

Jesse, your only point was to put yourself back in the spotlight.

I doubt you care about LeBron.

Please. Stop calling yourself Reverend.

You haven’t served a church.


  1. Been saying this for years Steve. well put.

  2. Bill...this is really a no-brainer, isn't it? Why don't more people see it? Is it not PC enough to say?

  3. I think you put it right on the money. Either that or he will turn it into a me vs. you type of thing. He and the other one ought to both get rid of "Rev" in front of their name.

  4. I had to laugh hard at this. It's funny...


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