Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sports--100 Words


I love sports.

Not just the holy trinity: baseball, football, basketball. All sports.

I’ve watched tennis, hockey, billiards. I’ve watched strong men compete for a title.

I’d probably watch people flipping manhole covers if that were a sport.

My wife and sports? Not so much. She tolerates it.

So, for her sake, I try not to abuse watching sports even though I love it. I love watching the nuances of a game. Watching the mojo shift from one player/team to the other.

Sports is especially good in summer. No repeats. No summer replacements.

Anyone else addicted like me? Why?

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  1. Rich loves sports. His love of the HT, as you put it, has landed him in his dream job. :) It's all good here. I just go shopping.


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