Monday, July 27, 2009

Compliments--100 Words


Don’t mistake that word for condiments—you know, as in ketchup, mustard, or mayo.

Condiments are spread over hamburgers and sandwiches.

Compliments are words said in appreciation for something done, spoken, or written.

There are many times that I actually like condiments far better than compliments.

Not sure why that’s the case. But, too often, I really struggle accepting kind words. Do I doubt what is said? Do I doubt their sincerity? Do I feel unworthy?

More than likely, it’s a little of all three things. I’m working at being more gracious when complimented. Just don’t expect overnight changes.


  1. Great thoughts Steve! Understand the struggle. One more to add: are they sincere when they are prone to compliment you every week or so, i.e. the pastor who hears every week "how good the sermon was." Hmmm come to think of it I haven't heard that lately. :) Sometimes I am uncomfortable with compliments because I know I should be doing something for God's glory and feel like I am stealing that. make sense?

  2. Bill...fully can understand and relate...I'll never forget the Sunday that we had a guest speaker. After the service, we are standing at the back door for a meet and greet time. A member (deacon, who normally slept through most services anyway) made his way to the back. He shook the hand of the guest speaker and then came to me. Without missing a beat, he said the same thing he had said to me for years: "Great sermon today preacher."

    I guess when you sleep through church, all sermons are great.

  3. LOL -- funny story Steve (about the deacon).

    I have learned to be gracious when being complimented whether I think sunshine is being pumped up my rear or if the compliment-er is sincere. Just say "thank you". Never do this.

    "You look great"
    "Oh, no, I'm 25 lbs overweight and I didn't wear make-up and my nails are all split and breaking and my car needs washed and my dog ate my homework, and..."

    Just say "thank you".


  4. Thank you Heidi for what you said about my story.

    Thank you Heidi for visiting my site.

    Thank you Heidi for being my friend!

    (How did I do?)

  5. eh, we just hate debt.

  6. You're just trying to pump sunshine up my fat rear end aren't you. Backwards compliment if I ever saw one. Now I have to go eat cake because I'm depressed.



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