Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Names--100 Words

Double names.

Is that a southern thing?

Billy Bob. Mary Frances.

I’m not referring to first/last names. I’m talking about people known by their first/middle names. Always. No exception.

My parents didn’t do that. They did curse me by calling me by my middle name instead of my first name. (I digress.) The only times my parents used my first/middle name together was when they also used my last name: Michael Steven Heartsill! Exclamation point—important. I was in trouble.

What name are you known by? Son? Daughter? Mother? Wife? Father? Husband? Liar. Truth-teller? Friend? Foe?

My hope? Christ Follower.


  1. William Alan meant I was in trouble. I prefer to hear Christ-follower too.

  2. Kathy Lynn....disliked this VERY much! Still do. Hubs called me Kath from the beginning so it kinda stuck.

    My dad and sis(still does) called me Tink(er Bell Lynn). I always felt loved when I was called that!

  3. Heidi Lyn Messmer if in trouble, but even though you may not believe me I hardly ever got in trouble... at least, not as a child. Teenaged years took care of that, but I was so sneaky I still ran under the radar. ;)

    I am a Mom, Wife, Friend, Christ Follower.

    Brother who sux is marrying woman who sux today. Pray for them. Baby #3 on the way and not two pennies to spare and burned all family out (incl yours truly) over the years. :( Ugh!


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