Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Focus--100 Words


That’s a difficult word, well, to focus on. It’s easier to color outside the lines—isn’t that what today’s culture tells us to do? Think outside the box. Be creative. Don’t worry about details—think big picture.

But, isn’t God in detail? Why else give us fingerprints? Or, an appendix.

Sadly, government has lost its sense of focus. Everything is important, but nothing is the focus. We have 32 governmental czars overseeing who knows what.

Our churches have lost focus. We worship worship and not God.

Even more sad, I’ve lost my focus. It’ll return. Just not sure when.

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  1. Isn't it in the realization of having missed the mark that you find God waiting? Despair is for the hopeless. If salvation isn't about hope, redemption and guidance, what is it?


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